Sunday, 22 November 2015

We are all athletes and fat burning as our energy source

Having just finished busy clinic in Edinburgh I'm going to add a few notes about my last blog on Fat burning as our fuel of choice over refined carbohydrates and in general complex carbohydrates.

If you are an active person just choosing to be fit and healthy or wanting to get out of the armchair to improve your health and well being then here are some vital tips.

1) Paramount of importance is to remove all junk food, white refined carbohydrates(cakes/buns/biscuits/chocolate/fizzy drinks), sugar, coffee/tea and additives and preservatives from your diet. Now!!

2) Hay/Food combining diet (see previous blog)with only whole grain brown rice as a carbohydrate. No bread of any kind and no potatoes and chips. No bananas. No pasta of any kind. For the first 6 weeks. After this you may want to introduce some potatoes occasionally but I would keep of All breads. But always stick to the healthy food combinations.

3) No snacks of any kind.

4) Buy a juicer and use it once a day. I recommend you juice two celery sticks, one apple, one carrot,one small beetroot and one orange. This is the minimum but be creative add some nuts and other veg/fruit. Ginger for the boys but not the girls.

5) All food stuffs must be pesticide free-organic

6) All nuts must be purchased in their shells.

7) All seeds stored in dark container and used whole or blend in a coffee grinder just before use.

8)Take a food supplement of turmeric and black cummin seeds once per day..

9) Throw out the weighing scales. A more accurate measurement is to measure your waist line and upper arms to see how much fat you have burnt off from these areas.

10) Purchase a heart monitor for MAF aerobic fat burning exercise(see previous blog on the athlete and fat burning).

11) If you are starting out from the armchair -Walk..for 6 weeks every day on your MAF pulse. 30 minutes for the first week. 35 minutes for the next   week till you reach 60 minutes a day. Walking will be a healthy, gradual start to building and maintaining your aerobic base. Keep a space for walking at least twice a week even if it's to and from work. You can always get a dog!!   Now you can think about running/cycling/gym classes but always with the MAF formula. As your exercises become more intense you will need to have a rest day or a walk day or a mix of both. You know what's best for you when you start to listen to your body.

12) For you folks who already do some kind of sports/ exercise start with MAF formula and incorporate it into your schedule. Also walking is excellent to help with over training and fatigue to rebuild your aerobic base and balance out the excessive unaerobic build up in you body. Start out easy with this new MAF formula as it is different to what you are used to but the rewards are great in a short period of time.

These are just guidelines and a starter to do your own research but please feel free to contact me for any further info.

I offer a service on a one to one basis to taylor make you personnel nutritional and exercise and life style needs to your own  unique situation.

Here is a link to a recently published article on fat burning.

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