Wednesday 19 February 2014

Michel Odent on "love cocktails" in birth

Michel Odent wrote a wonderful book on childbirth "the violence of birth". It is still as valuable today as when it was first published all those years ago.

AK and Holistic approaches take this all to a higher level and with great success. Presently due to a number of enviromental factors/diet/poor nutrition and stress most women are defficient in progesterone and oxytocin and this leads to difficulty in concieving and difficult labours with low weight neonates and the broadspectrum of ADHD/Autism.

The approaches I use make sure all the hormones are at optimimul levels correcting any defficiences and detoxifying any body toxins we find, before conception and then monitoring the hormone levels and spinal and pelvic alignments throughout the gestation period. We are very much in favour of natural births at home in a quite peaceful space surounded by loved ones.

Listen to this man carefully as he has decades of experience with natural childbirth.

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