Monday 28 January 2013

Learning Difficulties In Children, A Holistic Approach


These two pictures pretty much say it all! Very much recognisable to any parents of children who have the spectrum of learning difficulties.

All is not lost though, there is a holistic approach at hand that will have a significant and profound affect on your child’s well being.

The first child clearly has an emotional significator to the way he takes in and processes new information. He is a good example of the ADHD spectrum of learning difficulties.

The second child’s handwriting indicates a neurological issue with processing new information then translating that using his fine motor skills which show a clear disturbance. The spelling indicates an auditory/visual disturbance in his brain synaptic connections yet he is of a happy disposition. This child shows signs of dysgraphia/dyslexic side to the spectrum of learning difficulties.

Learning Difficulties And Birth Trauma

I’ve come to the conclusion after working with these children for over 30 years that birth trauma is a major cause of their learning difficulties and health problems. By birth trauma i mean physical trauma to the neonates cranium and upper cervicals (the stomatognathic system) caused by the human birth process.

My approach to Learning Difficulties

From my perspective, these children’s learning difficulties can be considerably improved by correcting the physical birth trauma to the cranium, TMJ (jaw) and the upper cervical vertebra (especially cervicals  1,2,3,4,5).
Use of special exercises called cross-crawl exercises developed by the AK (Applied Kinesiology) profession can also help.
Nutrition maybe given to correct any imbalances in the neurotransmitters of the brain. I would also look for any “hidden” allergies that can contribute to a minuscule swelling of the brain and aggravate the emotional centres of the brain and diminish the levels of the neurotransmitters.
In more severe cases, the gut would show signs of “leaky” gut syndrome and that would have to be addressed quickly as this would be a major hindrance in a return to well being.

ADHD - How You Can Help A Child

I know this is an emotive subject and some parents may be offended by what I have to say here, but I’ve talked to hundreds of parents in these circumstances and it is worth pointing out that ADHD children need a big hug when they are in that mode of ‘attention seeking’. They are ‘deficit’ in ‘attention’. Both parents may be high achieving working parents or struggling in some other way to keep up with the demands of modern life - their son (ADHD is almost exclusively seen in male children) is usually exceptionally bright and energetic and..... bored. 

He will need a healthy physical outlet for his naturally high energy e.g. football, judo, karate and a father who spends quality time with him doing these sports and hobbies together.

He will need hobbies and school activities that will challenge and stimulate him intellectually. Remember, he has above average intelligence, is bright and inquisitive and gets bored easily. For these reasons he requires lots of variety.

No game boys/playstations - these are the curse of all these children.

Lots of tactile cuddles and hugs from mum and dad and grandparents too.
Lots of quality one to one time and assurances that he is loved and wanted and you are there for him.

I’ve seen remarkable changes to whole families when these changes are adopted... plus, plus all around!!

A Holistic Approach To Severe Learning Difficulties

Children with more severe learning difficulties and special needs will also benefit from my approach.

I’ve treated a number of children with Downs Syndrome and they are a pure joy to work with and respond to natural healthcare so well. The cranial work, the upper cervical work, nutrition, diet and exercises all have profound affect on these children’s immune systems, neurology and over all well being.      

Learning Difficulties Today

This is a vast subject and there are many good books out there for you to inform yourselves more. In my early days of practice we were definitely laying down the ground work to highlight these children’s dilemma and presently its much more in the public domain and accepted by teachers and the healthcare professions alike.
Yet the connection to physical birth trauma has only been recognised by a few. Also, the imbalance to the neurotransmitters has not really been looked at, let alone a treatment approach highlighted.
But not all is lost. I’ve been working with these kids for 30 years now and have seen remarkable changes in all cases.
Please feel free to contact me no matter how small the inquiry, you're not alone in this and proper treatment gives excellent results.

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