Monday 28 January 2013

Airborne Allergies and Hay Fever

We all know of the classic hayfever symptoms to dust/pollen/dust mite/air borne particles such as a blocked/runny nose, sneezing, itchy skin and watery itchy eyes.

If I was to take anyone in full robust health and place them in a field of wheat/lavender/rapeseed, they would likely develop some of these symptoms, as even an immune system that is well would become overloaded in this situation. 

However, most people who react badly to a high pollen count have an immune system that is already compromised, they are therefore over sensitised to airborne allergens and have more extreme symptoms.

Treating Airborne Allergies With Nutrition

The main organ associated with hay fever is the spleen which will be very deficient in vitamin B12. At this level it sounds very simple, supplement with B12 and you’ll feel an improvement. Not so. Vitamin B12 is notoriously difficult to get into the body as it gets broken down very easily during the digestive process.

Allopathic medicine (medicine as we know it) came up with vitB12 injections. However, holistic healthcare came up with something more effective - sublingual (under the tongue) vitamin B12 in the form of a spray or lozenge. I use four different types of B12 preparation tailored to your specific needs.

Chronic hayfever sufferers are also ‘ill’, in other words their whole being is unwell. This is because to fight the chronic pollen/dust/dust mite allergy the body steals vital nutrition from other body systems. So, it is also necessary to treat the longstanding affects on other major systems of the body by replenishing lost nutrients.

I also give a digestive product called HCL-Betaine to acidify the lymphatic fluid which has become too alkali. If you can imagine a room full of balloons to represent the cells in your body (eg: the upper respiratory tract), then the spaces in between are filled with a fluid -lymphatic fluid. This fluid helps lubricate your body cells - if it is too alkali then the cells become too ‘sticky’ and this limits their ability to function. Patients with any and all allergies have this problem.

Please don’t just ‘put up with‘ your symptoms. They are treatable using a more holistic and natural approach and remember that as a chronic sufferer your immune system is unhealthily compromised.

Please feel free to contact me for further advice.  

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